FIDEGOC and OLACT will contribute to the creation of tourism observatories in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, OCTOBER 15 2012 – The International Foundation for Development of Reliable Governments (FIDEGOC) obtained support from the Sector Fund SECTUR-CONACYT for research, development and technological innovation in Tourism concerning the creation of a Methodology to implement Tourism Observatories in Mexican destinations. This is the first action resulting from the Organization for Latin American and Caribbean Tourism (OLACT) – FIDEGOC agreement signed in 2011 that allows both organizations put their international experience and knowledge to the service of the tourism sector of that country in order to create a comprehensive local tourism observatory program.

The Federal Tourism Ministry´s sector fund for research, development and technological innovation in Tourism along with the National Council for Science and Technology SECTUR – CONACYT, share the goal of improving and promoting the research in the academic sector, and applied knowledge to tourism as a means to generate strategic information to improve competitiveness in the tourism sector in Mexico.

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